scoopneck tee dress

scoopneck tee dress


When you want a sartorial piece that can keep up with travel exploration wherever it might take you look no further.  Throw it on and go, go, go!  This dress walks across Florence, lunches and shops in Paris, finds every Carravagio in Rome, edits Art Basel and has a power meeting in London.

Documentary film maker Michele Mitchell travels light to remote locations around the globe and expects her wardrobe to navigate both high powered political meetings and intimate interviews.  On a research trip to Rwanda she packed the scoopneck tee dress in deep purple and met with women at the Hotel des Milles Collines that changed the world.  She says, "Unpack, shake out and your ready to roll."

Available in gunmetal, navy, bright pink (as pictured) and deep purple (as pictured).


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