Chain Maille Lace Stretch Corset Gown

Chain Maille Lace Stretch Corset Gown


Our Stretch Corset fit has a hidden body contouring power mesh structure which defines and shapes the body and preps it for an overlay of couture lace. The Stretch Corset structure is soft and comfortable, like  a built in spandex underpinning, and is used in tops, dresses and gowns with a back zipper closure.

Our Chain Maille metallic lace has a 19th century heritage and is woven on a turn-of-the-century loom in France.  We have developed this lace in a metallic gold and a metallic silver.

When ordering this style please include your measurements for BUST, SMALLEST WAIST and LARGEST HIP circumference so that we can make sure our size will be perfect.

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