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Future Thinking Workshops

To promote positive thought leadership and future thinking, Jessica has developed workshops that engage diverse teams to ideate innovative solutions for a better future.

The workshops are designed to teach people how to learn from others, break hierarchical silos, navigate ambiguity, shift perspectives, share unfinished ideas and be a confidant future storyteller. Workshops begin with renowned speakers who share their research and become the topics for team ideations.

Business leaders and professors have presented their research on the following topics: data analytics and the SDGs, growth mindset, change management, leadership, empathy, artificial intelligence, diversity and inclusion, cognitive diversity

Speakers and participants have been from the following organizations: Thompson Reuters, LinkedIn, Deloitte, The Glimpse Group, Schlange and Co GmbH, Fordham University, Columbia University, Social Innovation Collaboratory



The workshop starts with research presentations by renowned business leaders and renowned academics.



After choosing their research team, participants individually map out their ideas rapidly. Afterward, everyone exchanges ideas to see how they might begin to fit together and become better.



Diverse teams collaborate and expand upon each other’s thought leadership. The diverse teams collaborate on a dynamic storyboard or architecture of their dynamic solutions.



Teams post their ideations and storyboard sketches and present their future thinking stories to the entire workshop.


Thank you so much for the great workshop yesterday! I have been to several workshops already, but this has become the top 3 most interesting workshops that I have ever attended. The presentations, people, knowledge and learning experiences are very memorable and rewarding to me.

I truly feel, after yesterday, that we can make the impossible possible as long as we are willing to think, learn, cooperate and make it happen together.

— Professional in People Analytics & Change Management