In the fall of 2015 the United Nations introduced Sustainable Development Goals: 17 goals to transform our world with specific landmark achievements over the next 15 years.  The 17 SDG's are far reaching and cover everything from ending poverty to gender equality and are targeted to governments, the private sector, civil society and individuals.  

Sustainability I believe, as the broad scope of the SDGs attest, is ultimately a global perspective toward a better world.  Sustainability is a way of thinking, a "healthy" perspective, that effects the the choices we make in our lives, the decisions small business owners make as they grow and the structure and details built into corporate initiatives. 


We believe life is about making conscious choices to better the future of this planet and that is why I co-founded Humans Who Design in 2015. 

Humans Who Design is a community and a networking platform for fashion designers whose work acts as a catalyst for positive social, humanitarian, and environmental change.

Formed in 2015 by Natalya Nyn and Jessica Wade, the goal of Humans Who Design is to create a ripple effect of good by promoting design as a powerful tool to achieve change.

Humans Who Design believes creative design has the ability to give visual voice, dignity, and positive structure to those without.

The Humans Who Design network brings attention to designers with progressive initiatives to encourage collaborations with nonprofit organizations and other designers to create campaigns, develop products, and collaborate on fundraising and events in order to make the world a better place.


Since launching the Jes Wade business in 2009 the continuous focus was on sustainability.  The collection was designed in-house, manufactured made-to-measure and sold direct to client all from the Jes Wade Atelier located in the TriBeCa neighborhood of NYC. 


Creating a vertical business allowed us to create zero waste.  In our design studio we loved creating zero waste garments and if we did have fabric or material remnants we always recycled them into the development of our initial design prototypes.  If any additional materials remained at the end of the year they were donated to children's public art programs in NYC.


All of our manufacturing occurred in the Jes Wade Atelier which meant no shipping from factories so zero co2 emissions were emitted due to outsourcing.  We developed luxury packaging that, while beautiful and luxurious, was minimal in weight and structure and included 100% recyclable Tyvek envelopes certified by the Carbon Trust.  In NYC all of our same day deliveries in NYC were completed by bike messengers.


The majority of Jes Wade fabrics were from heritage couture mills in Europe and uniquely developed materials from local artisans in NYC.  Our business structure allowed us to significantly invest in couture fabrics that are rarely seen or used in the fashion industry.  Additionally our design studio worked with local NYC businesses on one of a kind developments that were regularly carried in the collection.  Our employees were given excellent working conditions, competitive salary and health insurance.  Our design and financial investment in these areas resulted in an extremely high quality product that build long term relationships with our luxury clientele.