After designing for fashion houses for nearly a decade, Jessica founded a start up in 2009 and began building a luxury brand from the ground up. Cultivating direct relationships with luxury clients played a central role in developing an award winning B2C business model. Using design thinking principals, the Jes Wade Atelier was a vertically integrated innovative process that listened to the customer to help drive design, manufacturing and retail and go above and beyond their expectations and desires.

The collection combined couture textiles and technology, for an old world and new world mash up of exquisite clothing and accessories hand crafted in-house at the Jes Wade Atelier located in TriBeCa in New York City. Retail sales occurred with the highest levels of personal service at the Atelier and in pop-up retail environments in private homes, art galleries and stores across the United States. The women who were part of the Jes Wade vision, to this day, cherish their Jes Wade pieces and continue to wear them as they celebrate life around the world.


Since launching the Jes Wade business in 2009, innovative product and design built a business whose continuous focus was on sustainability and positive social impact.  The collection was designed in-house, manufactured made-to-measure and sold direct to client from the Jes Wade Atelier located in the TriBeCa neighborhood of NYC. 


Creating a vertical business allowed the creation of a zero waste product.  In the design studio, the creation of zero waste garments meant very little fabric or material remnants remained. The few remnants that resulted from production were recycled into the development of initial design prototypes.  Any additional materials remaining at the end of the year were donated to children's public art programs in NYC.


All of the manufacturing occurred in the Jes Wade Atelier which meant no shipping from factories so zero co2 emissions were emitted due to outsourcing.  Design developed luxury packaging that, while beautiful and luxurious, was minimal in weight and structure and included 100% recyclable Tyvek envelopes certified by the Carbon Trust.  In NYC all of our same day deliveries were completed by bike messengers.


The majority of Jes Wade fabrics were from heritage couture mills in Europe and uniquely developed materials from local artisans in NYC.  The business structure allowed for significant investment in couture fabrics that are rarely seen or used in the fashion industry. Additionally, the design studio worked with local NYC material and trim manufacturers on one of a kind developments that were regularly carried in the collection. The atelier was designed to support employees in prime working conditions and provided a competitive salary and health insurance.  Design helped drive financial investment in these areas which resulted in an extremely high quality product that built long-term trusting relationships with the customers, vendors and employees.