As a designer in the fashion industry I was known for both technical expertise and creativity and an art history degree instilled in me a deep connection to the powerful stories in objects and the culture that surrounds us. After designing and consulting for a handful of fashion houses and creative agencies, in 2009 I founded and built from the ground up a B2C luxury brand. In 2019 I completed an MBA with a focus on innovation strategy, research/ data analysis and global sustainability.

In 2018 and 2019, as a both a creator and analyst, I develop design thinking workshops to empower a positive future thinking dialogue for positive social impact in business and technology. I organize panel discussions and workshops with diverse communities of business leaders, academics and students on various subjects; Re-Thinking Organizations, Business 2.0 and Future Thinking for Social Impact. I believe there is urgency to break from the “doom and gloom” narrative and engage individuals, teams, communities and organizations in positive future narratives for innovation in business and technology.

In 2018 and 2019, as a strategy consultant in technology I researched the future of customer service for a French technology founder and serial entrepreneur where we determined generational technical skills through brand engagement, surveyed and interviewed customer service specialists, researched use cases for cognitive neuroscience and AI, and developed an IPO for blockchain. Additionally I consulted for 10 start ups in augmented and virtual reality where I supported product development, launched new start-ups and transformed IP innovations into usable customized product offerings and brand stories to drive business development.

From 2009 to 2016, as a designer and founder of Jes Wade, I created emotive product and experiential environments to connect to our clientele on a personal level. Our streamlined customized manufacturing received a NYCEDC Made In NY certification and set the highest standards of customer expectation with an innovative approach to luxury retail as customer-centric and one-on-one. As a strategic innovator, I often worked with our vendors to help them build out their product offerings and/ or technology platforms to better serve my business and their customers at large. While running my business I discovered my passion for the intersection of product development, brand storytelling, customer journey and growth strategy. In 2017 I consulted for a creative agency

I believe the world is our visual and experiential narrative, one we create and write consciously and unconsciously, and when one investigates and builds upon/ upends those narratives one uncovers innovative solutions to all sorts of problems. As a designer and an MBA, I am passionate about making the world a better place and I believe every industry is ripe for strategic innovation. I excel at bringing diverse teams together to innovate and tackle problems. My studies in humanistic management and sustainability provided many new powerful business frameworks — often developed out of cognitive and behavioral scientific research — to help organizations navigate the tremendous changes facing the world today.

I am a curious adventurer and life long learner. I live NYC with my husband and two daughters.