Innovation Strategy | Future Thinking

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Star Scenario Planning

Innovation is reliant on societal / systemic adoption through the engagement of the five categories portrayed in the Star Scenario framework. This systemic framework allows a business to understand, from a societal and environmental standpoint, where frictions to adoption might exist with both short-term and long-term projects. Future thinking requires long-term projections that can be developed for the following areas: Status quo, business as expected, moderately reformed future, and radically discontinuous future.

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Quadrant Scenario Planning

Using two axis with a high and low is a traditional scenario planning method. This method is utilized when there are defined areas of future unknowns that should be explored to plan for the impact of specific future unknowns on an organization, industry or the world at large. An example of a two axis scenario might be individualism and oil prices.

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The Four Drives for Employee Engagement

A framework developed from cognitive and behavior science research which establishes four evolutionary drives that, when engaged together, allow humans to thrive. Business research by Gallup and HBR show that companies with highly engaged employees outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and top performing companies have employee engagement rates of 21x the workforce globally. With moderate revisions this engagement framework is useful in assessing employee engagement as well as other vital organizational stakeholders; customers, vendors and investors.

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Four Stakeholders & Six Trust Factors

Everything works like magic when organizations excel at sharing and building trust. Research and simple surveys of organizational stakeholders identify strengths and weaknesses in a business trust framework and reveal blindspots that become powerful opportunities for improvement. Trust is the nutrient that makes the impossible possible. The most effect method to gain trust is to give it.