a decade

2019 to 2017

During my MBA, I consulted for a French technology corporation on the future of customer service. We divided technology into customer generations and predicted their evolution, developed surveys and interviewed customer service specialists, researched neuroscience and AI use cases, and outlined an IPO for blockchain. Additionally, I consulted for 10 start-ups in augmented and virtual reality where I supported product development, launched the business and brand strategy for new start-ups and transformed IP innovations into client facing product offerings to drive business development. 

My MBA studies and political activism have given me an urgency to empower individuals, teams, communities and organizations with positive future thinking narratives for innovation in business and technology. I support this agenda by organizing panel discussions and future thinking workshops with diverse communities of business leaders, academics and students on various subjects; Re-Thinking OrganizationsBusiness 2.0,  Future Thinking for Social Impact and Technology and Social Innovation.

2017 to 2016

After closing my business, I started consulting for a creative agency and experienced first hand the major disruptions digital is having on media and the ad industry and the need for change management and new approaches. I began studying design thinking and the role it played to drive innovation in the tech industry and began a full-time MBA at Fordham Gabelli School of Business. 

2016 to 2009

After designing for a handful of global fashion companies, I founded a business in 2009. We created emotive product and experiential retail environments to connect on a personal level with our luxury clients. Our B2C business model was awarded by DesignEntrepreneurNYC and our in-house manufacturing received a NYCEDC Made In NY certification for the highest standards of customer service; retail as experience and one-on-one. Drawn to strategic innovation, I worked with our vendors to help build out their product offerings and/ or technology platforms to better serve my business and their customers at large. While running my business I discovered my passion for driving business strategy at the intersection of product development, brand storytelling, customer journey and market creation. In 2011, while running the business, I took on my first consulting role for a global fashion brand in Paris, France.